To All Please Read!! Warning To All Spammers

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To All Please Read!! Warning To All Spammers

Post by [CO-ADMIN]Angel`Locsin on Wed May 27, 2009 7:14 am

If you have nothing GOOD or SENSIBLE words to say, please avoid POSTING. It just makes our FORUM looks like we are uncivilized and illiterates here. We have a guide or rules and regulations to follow here before posting. We better follow RULES accordingly, make this forum CLEAN, NEAT and ORGANIZE.

I have seeing many forumers just keep on SPAMMING even they are been warned many times, please cooperate with us to make this forum HELPFUL to everyone, maybe others thought, "why is my POST not being answered?" Its because of the messy, out of topic and unorganized POST you keep on putting in your every post, thats why!. Be ORGANIZE, then your POST will be seen and you will be heard.

Please dont make your parents money go for nothing, they work hard to put you in a school for you to have a good education, Now in return please use what you have learn, use you READING & WRITING skills, make worth of your parents hardship on making money for your educations, use it in your everyday life.

One more SPAM from users we have warned will put thereselves in infraction. So better watchout this is your last warning!

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