All Technical Problem Post It Here

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All Technical Problem Post It Here

Post by [CO-ADMIN]Angel`Locsin on Wed May 27, 2009 6:58 am

Hi to all my co Ranofear2 players,

It's me [CO-ADMIN]Angel`Locson at your service ^_^ .

Today i made this thread for those who have a technical problems because some technical problems can't be answered here , so some players can't be answered their query.

So that's why i became a Co-Admin here to help those who have a technical problems .

Sorry for my bad english .

Maraming nag rereklamo about in game katulad neto >>>

-1. Bakit di maka pasok character ko T_T.
-2. Bakit lagi nalang ako nag di disconnect.
-3. Bakit lagi nalang Character failed to be proccesed.
-4. Bakit di ako maka Reborn.
-5. Bakit laging sabog pag nag a ups ng item.
-6. Bakit may bugs ang character ko.

So please POST IT HERE your technical problems .

Please keep spam posts away from my thread
Please keep it as clean as possible

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